Exhibit Profile

Information and Communications

Optical Communication Chip, Optical Subassembly, Optical Communication Device, Optical Communication Module, Optical Communication Transmission Equipment, Optical Communication Data Center Equipment, Broadcasting Communication Equipment, Wireless Communication, Optical Fiber Material, Optical Fiber Cable / Fiber Sensing, Wiring Product, Wire and Cable, Wire and Cable Manufacturing Equipment, Instrument, Semiconductor Material, Semiconductor Equipment and Manufacturing, Operation and Service

Lasers Technology & Intelligent Manufacturing

Laser Material and Component, Lasers, Laser Component and Auxiliary System, Laser Equipment, Mechanical System and Numerical Control System, 3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing, 3C Electronic Intelligent Equipment, Robot and Industrial Automation

Precision Optics & Camera

Optical Material,  Optical Cold Processing Component, Mould Pressing / Injection Molded Optical Component, Optical Processing Equipment, Sapphire Processing Application, Optical Film Component, Optical Coating Material, Optical Coating Equipment, Optical Lens, Camera Module, Camera Accessories, Camera Manufacturing Equipment, Camera, Optical Measuring Instrument, Optical Imaging System, Machine Vision and Industrial Automation, AR/VR, Endoscope and Accessories

Infrared Applications & Intelligent Sensing

Infrared Material, Infrared Component, Infrared Equipment and Imaging, Testing and Manufacturing Equipment, Millimeter-Wave Technology and Application, Terahertz Monitoring and Imaging, UV Technology and Application, LiDAR, LiDAR Component, LiDAR System and Solution, 3D Imaging and Sensing, 3D Camera, Biometric, MEMS and Sensor, Millimeter-Wave Radar, Industrial Sensor, Testing and Manufacturing Equipment

Display Technology & Photonics Innovation

Display Manufacturing Equipment, Display Material, Display Panel / Module, Terminal Display Product, Scientific Research Institution, College and University, Incubator, Professional Proficient Special New Enterprise, High-tech Enterprise